Std. XI Science and Commerce Examination Time Table

Academic Year: 2020-2021

Course -Test/Examination

Std. XI I Unit Test Click here
Std. XI I Term Examination Click here
Std. XI II Unit Test Click here
Std. XI II Term Examination Click here

Oral Examinations

  • Oral examinations are introduced in all language subjects at class XI and XII  levels. Taking oral examinations as per scheduled timetables is compulsory for all students. Absentees will have to appear for re-examinations on payment of a fine fixed by the authorities.
    Theory: 80 marks
    Orals: 20 marks

Promotion from F.Y.J.C. to S.Y.J.C.

  • The results of the First Year Junior College (class XI) will not be decided on the marks obtained by a student only in the Annual examination. Equal weightage will be given to the performance of students in assignments, tutorial examinations, oral examinations, practical and project work (whichever is applicable), the Unit Tests, Terminal examination and the Annual examination. The final results will be based on the average marks secured by a student in these examinations.
    In case, a student misses any examination for any reason (such as on medical ground), he must make a written application to the Supervisor or Principal (Jr. College) along with documentary evidence in due time.
  • There shall be no re-examination in case of students who fail in class XI.