International Yoga Day

The 21st of June every year is observed as International Yoga Day to make the people aware about the varied benefits on the mind and body that regular practice of yoga can bring about. Following on our emphasis on students’ fitness, we observe this day every year and the students participate with much fervor.

Guru pournima

Gurupournima is celebrated on 5th July every year to honour the contribution of our faculties. The teacher has a crucial role to play in the future of a child and is always forthcoming with inputs for the betterment of the students. Hence, we at Zeal Junior College take this opportunity to commemorate their invaluable contributions in the field of education.

Tree Plantation

Trees are considered the lungs of the planet and they play an important role in keeping the air clean and healthy besides numerous other benefits that they provide. We seek to ingrain these values while ensuring that the students realize and imbibe the importance of trees. This is accomplished by the various tree plantation drives that are held during the year in which each and every student participates with great enthusiasm.

Poster Making Competition

Poster making is an innovative way to present one’s ideas on paper. Through this, the students not only get an opportunity to refresh and revise their learnings, but also get the chance to showcase their creativity, thus opening up newer methods of maximizing learning outcomes.

Teachers Day Celebration

Teacher’s Day is commemorated on the 5th of September in India to celebrate the birth anniversary of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, who was an educationist at heart while also having served as the First Vice President of independent India and the country’s Second President thereafter. We take the opportunity to honour our respected faculty members and thank them for their immense contribution towards upgrading our students and preparing them to face the world.

Youth Awakening Program

The youth of the nation has immense potential to be change-makers which is further buoyed by their dynamic energy and desire to accomplish great things. We conduct a youth awakening program at Zeal Junior College to awaken this desire in them and push them to reach for the sky.

Educational Trip

We regularly take the students on educational tours to enhance the learning experience. This also helps the students witness how their learnings are implemented in the practical scenario.

Debate Competition

Debates are a great way to hone the communication skills of the students and give them a platform to showcase their skills and sharpen them. It also helps with making them more confident when expressing one’s views and facing a large audience. We aim to do just that through the debate competitions held at the College every year.

Quiz Competition

Thinking on one’s feet and having the relevant information ready on demand at one’s fingertips are seen as essential skills in any professional today. These are also very useful skills to have in non-academic and professional environs. By way of the numerous quiz competitions held at Zeal Junior College during the year, we seek to whet these very skills in order to make scholars out of our novice students.

HSC Board Exam Guidance Workshop

The Board examinations are an immensely stressful period for most students, and may affect their performance adversely. Through the HSC Board Exam Guidance Workshop we endeavor to alleviate this stress and instill confidence in the students while clearing some common doubts they may have, thus allowing them to focus on the important part that is their studies.

Parents Meeting

We consider it of significance that the parents of our students are always in the loop and are informed regarding their ward’s performance and conduct on the campus. This is very important from the perspective of the students’ performance as it brings discipline into their lives and makes them focused. It is for this purpose that we regularly conduct a Parents’ Meeting at the campus on a regular basis.

Annual Sports Meet

Physical fitness is of extreme importance in order to stay healthy. While we encourage our students to take up any sport of their choice, we also give them the opportunity to compete in various events and showcase their skills. This nurtures the competitive spirit in them while getting healthier as well. Through the Annual Sports Meet, we seek to imbibe the spirit of healthy competition among our students.

Savitribai Phule Birth Anniversary

Savitribai Phule is widely regarded as an educationalist and social reformer whose contributions to the field of education continue to serve as an inspiration to many others. She has also championed women’s rights in India and is regarded as the mother of Indian feminism. We seek to inspire the students to imbibe these values by celebrating her birth anniversary with fervor on the campus on the 3rd of January every year.

Swami Vivekananda Birth Anniversary

Swami Vivekananda’s birth anniversary is commemorated on the 12th of January every year on our campus, a day which is also celebrated as National Youth Day. His philosophy and ideals which he lived and worked by can serve as a source of inspiration to push our nation’s youth to break barriers and achieve their goals.

Student and Parent Counseling

Regular counseling sessions are held for the students and the parents to clear any doubts they may have. Timely advice is also given to ensure that the child is on the right path and has adequate parental support.

Doubt Clearing Session

Doubt clearing sessions are held for the students so that they may clarify any concept or lesson which they have not completely understood. Such clarity would raise their academic performance and boost their confidence as well.